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My lifelong passion for gemstones led to me becoming an accredited gemologist, gaining my diploma from the Asian Institute of Gemological Science in Bangkok, Thailand. This amazing city is the coloured stone capital of the world.  Every day millions of dollars worth of coloured gemstones are traded in the commercial business district of Bangkok.  Several very famous Jewellery Houses source their gemstones and manufacture their jewellery there.  If you want to learn about gemstones then this is the place to go to. 



After graduating in 2009, Muscat Gems was launched with a store and gemological testing laboratory in Muscat, Oman.  We are now an Online store selling worldwide with our jewellery manufactured  in Thailand and south east Asia.

When you learn about gemstone treatments you soon realise what a complicated subject this has become for the consumer.  There is no way they will be able to tell whether their stone is natural, synthetic, imitation, dyed or glass filled.  Customers are basically at the mercy of the seller and unless you have a very reputable jeweller whom you can trust, you could easily end up with something glass filled, dyed or maybe even an imitation.

It was because of these deceptive practices in the industry, that I became committed to following the laws of disclosure.  Consumers must be told what their stones are and what treatments have been done - if any.  Not all treatments are equal.  Heat treatment, for example, is a routine industry accepted practice that has been used on gemstones for hundreds of years, and necessary to ensure there is enough gem quality material available.  It is a permanent durable treatment. Many varieties of gemstones are heated, sapphires, rubies, aquamarine and tanzanite to name a few.

Our jewellery specification lists all the information you need.  We do not sell synthetic, imitation, glass filled, dyed or any non-durable treated stones.  We just sell beautiful gemstone jewellery.

Please take a look at some of my blog posts that cover more about gemology, and the scientific equipment and tests used to positively identify the species and variety of a gemstone and to detect gemstone treatments.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding our jewellery or gemology.  You can either use the Contact Us tab on the website or email:  info@muscat-gems.com. 

Debbie Sutherland A.G.







Muscat Gems opened in 2009



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